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UX Research - What is?

It is the necessary research to write the above title more accurately. Each user experiences the object differently. It is done to understand the experiences of a product, service or system in interaction with users. This research aims to identify users' needs, expectations, behaviours and challenges.

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 #1  - Persona

What is Persona and Why Are We Creating?

In UX Research, a persona is a fictional character that represents a specific segment of users who might use a product, service or system in a similar way. These personas are created based on real user data and aim..

#02 - User Testing

How To Conduct User Testing?

User testing, also known as usability testing, is a method used in UX research to evaluate a product or service by observing real users as they interact with it. The goal of user testing is to identify usability issues, gather qualitative and quantitative data and understand..

Ofiste Arayüz Tasarımcısı

#03 - A/B Test

What is A/B Testing?

A/B Testing is a method used in UX Research and optimization to compare two versions of a webpage, app or other digital contect to determine which one performs better. In A/B tests, users are randomly divided into two groups..

#04 - Design Thinking

Design Thinking - How Might We

Design thinking is an approach used to generate innovative solutions. It is driven from a user-centered perspective and usually consists of specific phases: empathy, identification, ideation, prototyping and testing. 

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